Organization -

The Whive protocol is governed as a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO). Network participants can make contributions as developers, miners, testers, trainers and users independently. Code contributions and audits can be made via our main gitlab repository and documented our online Wiki, available on

The private Whive testnet development and protocol has been funded and developed in part by BitHub Africa a leading Blockchain Accelerator operating across Africa.

Subsequently, the Whive protocol will be governed by a community funded Foundation known as the Whive Foundation which will be registered in a Blockchain Friendly jurisdiction no later than 18 months after main-net launch of the protocol.

The main goal for the foundation is to facilitate meetups and engagements with third parties including developers.

The Whive protocol is an Open blockchain governed by developers, miners, users who are distributed across the world. The foundation will not have any control of the protocol beyond the aforementioned functions.